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Fanmix: Lois Lane & Clark Kent Season 8 Fanmix

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1.Ashley Tisdale - Kiss The Girl

There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don't got a lot to say
But there's something about her
And you don't know why
But you're dying to try
You wanna kiss the girl

Aimee Mann & Michael Penn - Two of Us

Two of us riding nowhere
spending someone's hard earned pay
You and me Sunday driving
Not arriving on our way back home
We're on our way back home
We're on our way home
We're going home

Alanis Morissette / Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)

birds do it, bees do it
even educated fleas do it
let's do it, let's fall in love

Liz Phair - Somebody's Miracle

I'm so far, so far away from it now
That it seems like I may never know how
People stay in love for half of their lives
It's a secret they keep between husbands and wives

Cybil Sheppard - Blue Moon

Blue moon
You're just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

Jon McLaughlin - So Close

A life goes by
Romantic dreams must die
So I bid mine goodbye
And never knew
So close was waiting
Waiting here with you
And now, forever, I know
All that I want is to hold you
So close

Michael Buble - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

You'll never find, as long as you live
Someone who loves you tender like I do
You'll never find, no matter where you search
Someone who cares about you the way I do

Colbie Caillat - Realize

If you just realize what I just realized,
Then we'd be perfect for each other
and will never find another
Just realized what I just realized
we'd never have to wonder if
we missed out on each other now.

The Bird and the Bee - How Deep is Your Love

How deep is your love
I really need to learn
cause were living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to you and me

Carpenters - Now

Now when we touch my feelings fly
Now when I'm smiling I know why
You light up my world like the morning sun
You're so deep within me we're almost one

Joss Stone - Super Duper Love

In the presence of all my friends
You stood there holding my hand
And you promise me faithfully
That you will be my only man

Vast - Don't Take Your Love Away

I am looking for an inspiration
And I think I found it in your heart
It's the kind of thing you get when you're not looking
Please, don't take your love away from me

Leigh Nash - I Need To Be Next To You

Been running from this feeling for so long
Telling my heart I didn't need it
Pretending I was better off alone
But I know that it's just a lie
So afraid to take a chance again
So afraid of what I feel inside

But I need to be next to you
Oh I, oh I
I need to share every breath of you
Oh I, oh I
I need to know I can see you smile each morning
Look into your eyes each night for the rest of my life
Here with you, near with you, oh I

New Found Glory - Hungry Eyes

I've been meaning to tell you
I've got this feelin' that won't subside
I look at you and I fantasize
You're mine tonight
Now I've got you in my sights

With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I can't disguise
I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I

She and Him - I Was Made For You

'Cause I have been waitin' for a long, long time
For a boy like you
I won't be waitin' any more cause I know
Baby, baby
I was made for you

Whitesnake - The time is righ for love

When I saw you in the Garden
Sweet lilac in your hair,
The sunlight seemed to surround you
And bless the morning air.
I wondered what your name was
And if you would dance with me

Amy Adams & Lee Pace - If I didn't care

If I didn't care more than words can say
If I didn't care would I feel this way
If this isn't love then why do I thrill
And what makes my head go round and round
While my heart stands still

Fifth Dimension - Wedding Bell Blues

Bill, I love you so, I always will
I look at you and see the passion eyes of May
Oh, but am I ever gonna see my wedding day
I was on your side Bill when you were loosin'
I never scheme or lie Bill, there's been no foolin'
But kisses and love won't carry me till you marry me Bill

John Stamos - Forever

If every word I said
Could make you laugh
I'd talk forever (together my love)
I'd ask the sky just what we had
It showed forever
(together my love)
If the song I sing to you
Could fill your heart with joy
I'd sing forever
(together my love)

Forever, forever
I've been so happy loving you

Rosie Thomas - It Don't Matter to the Sun

It don't matter to the sun if you go or if you stay.
No, the sun is gonna rise, gonna rise.
Shine down on another day.
There will be tomorrow even if you choose to leave.
Cause it don't matter to the sun, no, no.
It matters to me.

You Can Download the Fanmix here: Lois Lane & Clark Kent Season 8 Fanmix
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